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    Generate your own electricity with photovoltaics

    Your own photovoltaic system

    Advantage for environment & wallet
    Within minutes, the sun provides as much energy as the entire world population consumes in a year. An optimal starting point for using this free energy source with a photovoltaic system and generating your own electricity.
    The electricity generated can preferably be consumed by the user, stored in an optional electricity storage unit for later use or profitably fed into the public grid.
    individual planning of your system, basic package starting with 4.5kWp
    absolutely CO₂-neutral operation
    inexhaustible source of energy
    blackout protection (emergency power)
    free charging for your electric car
    optional electricity storage for higher self-consumption
    greater independence from electricity prices
    mature, largely maintenance-free technology
    turnkey construction
    preparation for subsequent assembly possible

    VARIO-HAUS Family Flex small mit Solaranlage
    Now new: with financing!
    Anyone who builds a house has to watch the money. Therefore, together with the Austrian solar specialist neoom, we offer VARIO-HOUSES with photovoltaic system & electricity storage including financing , insurance and free repair service.

    Even more efficient with electricity storage

    Using your own electricity even at night
    Part of the daily electricity demand occurs at night (e.g. for heating, cooling or charging the electric vehicle) when the sun is not shining. All the better if your own electricity storage system can cover the electricity demand until sunrise.
    An optimally dimensioned electricity storage system increases efficiency in both an ecological and economic sense.
    efficiency increase of the PV system
    charging your electric car at night with solar energy
    temporäre Unabhängigkeit vom öffentlichen Netz
    temporary independence from the public grid
    no effort in use
    preparation for retrofitting possible
    Did you know that our new show houses New Design Esprit and Bungalow S141 also have a PV system with electricity storage? This means that 75% of the energy required over the course of the year is self-generated and consumed on site straight away.

    Huawei LUNA Stromspeicher, (c) Huawei

    Advancing e-mobility

    The two biggest causes of CO2 emissions are heat generation and transport. Why not make a positive contribution in both sectors in your own life and, in addition to a regenerative heating system, also incorporate electromobility into your everyday life. The energy comes, of course, from self-generated solar power.
    The energy for a common 50km commuter route is generated in just under 2 hours of sunshine with our basic PV system package (4.5kWp).
    CO2-neutral locomotion
    charging overnight (preferably with electricity storage)
    preparation for later electric charging point possible
    By the way: At VARIO-HAUS, too, 50% of the company car fleet is already electrically powered and is mainly supplied with solar power from the company's own PV system. When you visit us in Wiener Neustadt, you are welcome to use our charging facilities free of charge .

    VARIO-HOUSES are built with solar energy
    Did you know that VARIO-HAUS also actively relies on the power of the sun? At the production site in Wiener Neustadt, a 200kWp photovoltaic system is in use, which covers more than 60% of the annual electricity demand of the production and the office. The solar energy generated on sunny weekends and public holidays is also fed into the public grid. This means that your future VARIO-HAUS will also contain a significant proportion of green energy.

    Verlegung der Solarpanele am Dach des Firmensitzes von VARIO-HAUS in Wiener Neustadt
    "We give our best for you. We will not disappoint your trust in our company."
    Ing. Josef Gruber, founder and CEO of VARIO-HAUS, president of the Board of the Austrian Prefabricated House Association and member of the European Prefabrication Association.
    Daniel Gruber, MA, CEO of VARIO-HAUS
    VARIO-HAUS prefabricated houses VARIO-HAUS manufactures and distributes first class prefabricated house, especially low energy and passive homes. VARIO-HAUS gives your life a home. Anonym
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