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    Extending or adding a storey to a house

    Have you inherited an old house, had a baby or need extra space for an office, a carer or a new hobby?

    Activate living space reserves & save property costs
    Is your old house too small? Does it have an unused attic? Is land in your neighbourhood scarce and expensive? There is often unused living space capacity in your existing house that can be utilised by an extension. As a first step, we analyse your property together and research the local building regulations. We then draw up a detailed plan for the extension, incorporating your individual ideas and our decades of experience.

    Your VARIO-HAUS extension can be seamlessly adapted to any house, any development plan and any plot. This creates additional space for your life, improves the indoor climate in the entire building and significantly increases the value of your property. We are happy to support you with any questions regarding authorisation and feasibility.

    Adding a storey
    Adding a new storey to your existing property is an ideal way to increase your living space. The principle is usually simple: keep the ground floor, remove the old roof, add a new floor, add a new roof. The VARIO-HAUS lightweight timber frame construction method is ideal for adding a storey, as it is significantly lighter than traditional solid construction and the existing property is not designed for heavy loads in most cases. A structural engineer can help with the calculation and assessment of the possibilities.

    Demolition and new build
    After analysing your existing property, in some cases it may make sense to demolish your old house and build a new one. This is the case, for example, if the existing house is in poor condition or has serious structural problems. Aesthetic and planning considerations also play a role, as our customers today have different requirements in terms of layout and architecture than was the case decades ago. Ultimately, a new build is often cheaper than renovating and extending an existing property.

    Timber frame construction for all projects with more than 50m²
    Precise planning and prefabrication of the wall, ceiling and roof elements to the millimetre in our factory guarantee a smooth and fast construction process. This industrial prefabrication demonstrates its advantages in terms of cost efficiency and speed for extensions and additions of 50m² or more. For smaller projects or loft conversions, a local carpenter is the better partner for your home extension.

    Hello old new VARIO-HAUS!

    Prefabricated extensions and additions from VARIO-HAUS require less energy, less time and usually fewer resources than traditional solid construction. For you, this means more control, more fun when building and more quality of life in your home.

    1. We do our best for you: We coordinate all the trades commissioned by us on site and support you from the submission to the building permit. Read more about why we build better
    2. Energy-efficient construction: 41.1cm wall construction with our EnergyLine series On request, we can also upgrade the energy efficiency of your existing building.
    3. In the course of our evaluation of your existing property, we also take a critical look at the information you have provided on the existing heating, water and electrical installations. Does your existing system meet today's (legal) requirements or does it need to be replaced? We are happy to liaise with building services engineers who already know your house and evaluate whether the existing building services can also be used for the extension or whether they need to be replaced.
    4. New roof with solar power plant: Utilise the power of the sun with your own photovoltaic system
    5. Subsidies: We know which federal and state subsidies are available for your project. Contact us!


    Addition of storeys, extension or new build - this is how we do it!

    • Plans of the existing building: Reliable as-built plans, including static measurements of the building to which the extension or addition is to be added, are essential. Prospective building owners may incur costs to have these documents drawn up. Only on the basis of these documents can we prepare a plan and an offer.
    • Access to the building site:The prefabricated VARIO-HAUS wall and ceiling elements are delivered by lorry and lifted onto the building site by crane. The access road to your building site must be sufficiently dimensioned for this.
    • Building regulations: We check the local building regulations with you to ensure that an extension or addition is permitted on your property and which permits are required.
    • Building permits:We work with you to ensure that all necessary building permits have been obtained before we start construction.
    • tructural integrity: The structure of your existing house will be checked by a structural engineer to ensure that it is suitable for an extension or can support the additional load of the extension.
    • Architectural design: UOur planners or architects will develop a design that meets your needs and is aesthetically pleasing. They also take into account the harmony with the existing house and the surroundings.
    • Budget planning: We set a realistic budget that covers the costs of the extension or addition.
    • Time planning: We set a realistic schedule for the project.
    • Sustainability: ‘Green building for generations’ is important to us. At VARIO-HAUS, we work with energy-efficient materials and technologies and support you in implementing innovative, energy-saving and environmentally friendly technology for heating and cooling as well as the generation of hot water and electricity. In this way, we help you to save operating costs in the long term and reduce the ecological footprint of your home.
    • Communication: We maintain open communication with you and all other trades throughout the process to ensure that your needs and expectations are met and any issues are addressed in a timely manner.


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