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    Building a timber house in Austria: Find your prefabricated timber house with VARIO-HAUS!

    Wooden houses are becoming increasingly popular. They are equal to solidly built houses in terms of durability and value retention. One third of all newly built single-family houses in Austria are prefabricated houses, which in turn are largely built as timber frame prefabricated houses.

    If you build a wooden house, you are not on the wooden path

    A prefabricated timber house offers many advantages: from the supported planning to the faster production time to the ecological building material wood and its pleasant, healthy indoor climate.
    Your prefabricated timber house is stable
    Ein Holzfertighaus besitzt hervorragende statische Eigenschaften. Wir arbeiten mit renommierten Holzbaustatikern zusammen, die sich mit dem Baustoff Holz, Holzbau und der Holzrahmenbauweise bestens auskennen. Sie achten darauf, dass das Traumhaus unserer Bauherren und Bauherrinnen sowohl deren Wünsche als auch eine ausreichende Tragfähigkeit und alle Auflagen erfüllt. Ihren Wünschen sind durch die Holz-Bauweise (fast) keine Grenzen gesetzt.
    Long live your wooden house!
    A prefabricated timber house has excellent structural properties. We work together with renowned timber structural engineers who are very familiar with timber as a building material, timber construction and timber frame construction. They make sure that the dream house of our clients meets their wishes as well as sufficient load-bearing capacity and all requirements. There are (almost) no limits to your wishes thanks to the timber construction method.
    According to ÖNORM B2320, prefabricated houses and timber houses have a service life of at least 100 years, i.e. the same as houses of conventional construction, provided they are properly maintained and used for their intended purpose.
    The proof that wooden houses can be very durable is provided by old timber-framed buildings that are well over 100 years old.
    Prefabricated timber houses: High resale value thanks to timber construction
    The prefabricated timber house construction method meets the standards of conventional construction. Thanks to high-quality building materials, the best thermal insulation, high wall thicknesses and millimetre-precise industrial prefabrication, prefabricated timber houses meet the latest energy standards. This makes your new house a good investment.
    The professional planning and workmanship as well as the application of well thought-out and proven detailed solutions further secure the value of your VARIO-HAUS.
    Not a house off the peg
    Wooden houses offer individuality in terms of floor plan, layout and design. With VARIO-HAUS, the "variable" planning in terms of floor plan, roof shape, façade, form of heating and many other equipment details is already in the name: our timber houses in prefabricated construction can be individually redesigned according to your wishes and the technical possibilities.
    Prefabricated timber house: dry construction and healthy living
    In contrast to the conventional, mineral construction method, there are no drying times with the ecological prefabricated construction method and you can move into your VARIO prefabricated house much sooner. Thanks to its hygroscopic properties, wood regulates the humidity in the room - the best prerequisites for healthy living!
    Own contribution? No problem!
    Builders can do a lot of the work themselves in the "finishing house" and "ready-to-build" stages. Wooden houses are particularly suitable as self-build houses.
    The raw material wood offers the best conditions for a healthy indoor climate in your VARIO-HAUS. Even if you do not notice it, an average prefabricated house contains 30 to 40 cubic metres of natural, ecological spruce wood from sustainable forestry. Wood has a calming effect not only in the forest. Studies have shown that timber construction has a positive effect on the indoor climate and promotes healthy living. Both aggression and stress levels decrease significantly when living in a wooden house.

    Due to the enormous CO2 storage capacity, every cubic metre of wood used binds 1 tonne of CO2 in the long term. In an average single-family house, 40 tonnes of CO2 are bound in the long term, which is roughly equivalent to the CO2 emissions of a car in 26 years. So it is not only good for your own living environment to live in a wooden house, it is also good for the environment. Wood as a building material is a renewable resource and only needs soil, water, light and air for healthy growth. A prefabricated wooden house sustainably reduces our ecological footprint.

    Timber house prefabricated house - timber construction as the better way to build

    VARIO-HAUS has always relied on the proven timber frame construction method for the erection of prefabricated timber houses. In this construction method, a statically supporting frame is built from vertical and horizontal wooden beams, which is planked on both sides with wood-based panels or gypsum boards. The cavities inside the frame are filled with insulation material for thermal insulation.

    +6% Living area

    With an identical building footprint and the same thermal properties, the slimmer exterior and interior walls of the prefabricated house in timber frame construction achieve an increase in total living space of more than 6 percent compared to conventional construction! This is possible because the insulation level / thermal insulation is integrated into the load-bearing timber frame.

    -3% Costs

    Prefabricated timber houses are built in record time. A whole three months faster than with solid houses. Three months in which you pay no rent or loans and thus save about three percent in total costs. It gets even better: your VARIO-HAUS timber house is dry inside and ready for occupancy at the time of turnkey completion.

    Assured quality thanks to prefabricated construction

    The main advantage of the precise prefabrication of all walls, ceilings and roof trusses in our factory in Wiener Neustadt is the consistently high quality of all components. Rain and frost do not stand a chance with us - nor do imprecise workers.

    Short construction time

    Thanks to the industrial prefabrication of the walls, ceilings and roof trusses and the rapid expert assembly, we can give you a home in a comparatively short time.

    30 percent wood in your prefabricated house
    The raw material wood is mainly used for the wall, ceiling and roof construction. Other possible uses for wood as a building material in a VARIO timber house are: Stairs, floors, balconies, carports and conservatories through to visual accents such as visible wooden beams or a wooden façade.

    Optimal indoor climate & HEALTHY HOUSING
    A prefabricated house made of wood from VARIO-HAUS is alive - it breathes, it smells, it feels good. The untreated natural wood and the natural gypsum boards regulate the humidity balance of the room air, can absorb up to 90 percent of air pollutants and thus promote healthy living and living comfort.
    Timber construction is sustainable and ecological, because wood is a natural raw material from the region
    Wood is a renewable, natural raw material. In Austria, more trees are constantly growing back than are felled - in terms of volume, 30 million cubic metres of wood annually, of which only around 26 million cubic metres are harvested. (Source:
    VARIO-HAUS uses mainly PEFC-certified wood from sustainable forestry in Austria. The use of domestic spruce from the Waldviertel or Styria means short transport routes and thus additional CO2 savings.
    Our company VARIO-BAU is also certified. The PEFC seal means for you as a customer: the entire product manufacturing process - from the raw material to the ready-to-use end product - is certified and controlled by independent experts.

    Prefabricated timber houses from VARIO-HAUS

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