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    Why we build better

    Conventional house construction is inefficient, expensive and full of surprises, which frequently first come to light years after the building has been handed over.

    We do it better. For over thirty years, VARIO-HAUS homes have required less energy, fewer resources and smaller budgets. For you, this means greater control, less stress during the building work and higher quality of life in your new home.
    Josef Gruber, the VARIO-BAU founder and CEO, a member of the board of the Austrian Prefabricated Housing Association and of the European Prefabricated Construction Association.

    A better house

    Life requires more than just square metres. Space is what is needed for it to achieve full bloom. Accordingly, life also draws the construction plans of every VARIO-HAUS home. In this spirit we continually seek to build houses that are better for you and the environment. And therefore our homes not only look good, but also feel good.

    VARIO-HAUS homes save large amounts of energy as a standard feature
    Our EnergyLine concept is a standard feature of every VARIO-HAUS home and offers:

    • 41,1 cm wall construction including installation conduit
    • 17cm flooring structure on the ground and upper floors
    • 3 pane, energy saving windows, shadowing as a standard feature
    • Thicker heat insulation in the roof and ceiling areas

    As a result, every VARIO-HAUS home achieves the minimum energy standard and can fulfil the preconditions for building grants.

    A better way to build

    For many years, VARIO-HAUS has opted for proven wood frame construction, which is similar to the method employed in timbered houses.

    +6% living area

    Owing to the slimmer exterior and interior walls used in wood frame and dry construction, as compared to a conventional house with an identical area and thermal insulation characteristics, over six per cent is added to the living area! This is possible due to the fact that the insulation level is integrated into the supportive structure.

    -3% costs

    Prefabricated houses incorporating wood frame construction techniques can be built in record time. In fact, three months faster than is the case with massive construction. These are three months during which you pay no rent or loans and thus save around three per cent of total costs. What’s even better is that when you are given the keys to your VARIO-HAUS home it is dry inside and ready for occupation.

    Natural materials create an ideal room climate
    The beginning is marked by the materials and their rigorous, professional examination. Indeed, the materials used in a VARIO-HAUS home consist exclusively of substances that with regard to their building ecology and physical characteristics correspond with the trend towards more healthy and natural construction. Panels made from solid wood and natural gypsum ensure the equalisation of humidity fluctuations, and wood is also capable of absorbing up to 90 per cent of atmospheric pollutants. Moreover, the wood employed for your VARIO-HAUS home, stems from sustainable forestry and suppliers with PEFC certification.
    Environmentally compatible insulation materials and sheets as part of our various exterior wall systems offer both excellent heat and noise insulation. The external protection of the house is also secured by means of full cover mineral rendering, which is applied on the construction site.

    The exact fit of doors and windows, the solidity of the walls, the waterproof nature of the shell and skilled workmanship are all assured.

    Millimetre-precise production in Wiener Neustadt
    The main advantage of the precise pre-manufacture of all walls, ceilings and roof trusses is the uniform quality of all the resultant components. In our case, rain, snow and frost have as little chance as sloppy workers. VARIO-HAUS homes are manufactured exclusively in Wiener Neustadt by the company’s own workforce in what is one of the most modern prefabricated housing plants in Europe. Over 100 specialists comprised of technical experts, carpenters and master builders ensure that construction is completed with the quality that VARIO-HAUS promises.

    Convince yourself of the quality of our houses at first hand and see how a new home is created live.

    A better service

    As a result of more than 35 years of experience, we have perfected house building to such a degree that for you, the predominant factor is the fun derived from designing your new home. You can leave the rest to us and that’s a promise.

    Our building advisors come to you
    Our building advisors are to be found where you live and work. They are more than willing to listen to your ideas, wishes and concepts and offer competent consulting. They are also ready to make a non-binding visit to your plot of land in order to obtain a precise picture of the surroundings.
    Find a building advisor in your vicinity

    “You can ask us anything”, Edward Forjan, Senior Sales Manager

    Free planning of your house
    The name VARIO-HAUS stands for flexible construction and therefore every house is unique. Planning and consulting are individual and free of charge.

    One-stop-shopping upon request
    What counts during house building is performance. Therefore, we accompany you from the search for a suitable site to the handover of the keys with all our experience, our professional partners and naturally our heart and soul.

    Christian Jeitler, since 18 years Project Manager

    Be sure to receive the best available quality

    We at VARIO-HAUS know how important security is to our clients. So important, that we have initiated our own security and value protection package in order that you can nest build in safety.

    • Excellent credit rating
    • Payment upon delivery
    • Fixed price guarantee
    • Government recognised company
    "We give our best for you. We will not disappoint your trust in our company."
    Ing. Josef Gruber, founder and CEO of VARIO-HAUS, president of the Board of the Austrian Prefabricated House Association and member of the European Prefabrication Association.
    Daniel Gruber, MA, CEO of VARIO-HAUS
    VARIO-HAUS prefabricated houses VARIO-HAUS manufactures and distributes first class prefabricated house, especially low energy and passive homes. VARIO-HAUS gives your life a home. Anonym
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