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    Nachhaltiges Fertighaus bauen

    Green building for generations

    At VARIO-HAUS we are aware of our responsibility - for our customers, our employees, our local suppliers and our environment. As an owner-managed family business, we think far beyond the annual economic figures and have already lived sustainable building when others were not even thinking about it.
    Our natural building material and CO₂-storage wood, as well as our quality standards in terms of the longevity of our houses, are important cornerstones of our declared goal of CO₂-neutral production.

    Domestic wood from sustainable forestry

    VARIO-HAUS uses mainly PEFC-certified wood from sustainable forestry in Styria, the Waldviertel and Bavaria. The use of local spruce means short transport routes and thus additional CO₂ savings.

    • Wood is a renewable, natural raw material. For every tree that is felled, several new trees are planted.
    • Wood as a building material is particularly climate-friendly. One cubic metre of wood binds one tonne of CO₂.

    Since the end of 2021, our company VARIO-BAU has also been certified. The PEFC seal means for you as a customer: the entire product manufacturing process - from the raw material to the ready-to-use end product - is certified and controlled by independent experts. Your decision in favour of a PEFC-certified VARIO-HAUS thus helps to protect our forests throughout Europe.

    Holz aus nachhaltiger Forstwirtschaft

    Every VARIO-HAUS with different ecological wall constructions

    Low energy and maintenance costs have long been an important topic at VARIO-HAUS, as well as environmentally friendly and ecological construction. Because the less energy you need for heating, the more you have for living. A 41.1 cm thick, optimally insulated wall construction with a U-value of 0.11 W/ m2°K and 3-pane energy-saving windows are standard in all VARIO-HAUS.
    The optionally available, ecological wall construction VitaTherm Plus scores with even more natural components. The wood fiber insulation boards used, energy-saving windows made of wood and the ecological vapor barrier ensure a comfortable, healthy indoor climate and low energy consumption for heating and cooling.
    View all wall constructions

    VARIO-HOUSES are built with solar energy

    Did you know that VARIO-HAUS also actively relies on the power of the sun? At the production site in Wiener Neustadt, a 200kWp photovoltaic system is in use, which covers more than 60% of the annual electricity demand of the production and the office. The solar energy generated on sunny weekends and holidays is also fed into the public power grid. In this way, your future VARIO-HAUS also contains a significant proportion of green energy.
    Our newest show houses New Design Esprit in the Blauen Lagune sowie der Bungalow S141 in Graz are largely self-sufficient in terms of electricity.

    VARIO-HAUS is E-Mobile

    At VARIO-HAUS, 50% of the company car fleet is already electrically powered and is mainly supplied with solar power from the in-house PV system. When you visit us in Wiener Neustadt, you are welcome to use our charging facilities free of charge .

    Half of our company fleet is electrically powered. Most of the electricity for the vehicles is generated from the company's own photovoltaic system.

    Recycle instead of throwing away

    Back in 2016, we declared war on the current throwaway culture and introduced a new waste management system that ensures waste is not simply thrown away, but collected, recycled and reused. The company has purchased extra suitable presses for shredding and bundling the waste. Each month, several tons of waste are returned to the production process.
    Together with the plasterboard manufacturer RIGIPS, we have also introduced a recycling system. In this system, the plasterboard waste (offcuts, etc.) generated during the production of our VARIO HOUSES is made into new plasterboard at RIGIPS.

    Building for generations

    We build houses for many generations, because it is our concern that your children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren and their children also feel comfortable in their VARIO-HAUS. In this sense, our customer service is also available to you at any time - now and in the (distant) future. The long life span of our houses naturally conserves resources and thus makes a valuable contribution to the protection of our environment.
    ÖNORM B2320, which regulates the technical requirements for buildings made of wood, also clearly states that prefabricated houses have a service life of at least 100 years "if they are properly maintained and used for their intended purpose". There is no difference in the specifications between a prefabricated wood house and those for conventional construction. The stable value of your VARIO-HAUS must therefore be guaranteed for a very long period of time.

    "We give our best for you. We will not disappoint your trust in our company."
    Ing. Josef Gruber, founder and CEO of VARIO-HAUS, president of the Board of the Austrian Prefabricated House Association and member of the European Prefabrication Association.
    Daniel Gruber, MA, CEO of VARIO-HAUS
    VARIO-HAUS prefabricated houses VARIO-HAUS manufactures and distributes first class prefabricated house, especially low energy and passive homes. VARIO-HAUS gives your life a home. Anonym
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